Recently, I added some X++ code related to MS hotfix in AX 2012 R2 environment to resolve an issue with Sales order invoicing. After adding the hotfix code, when I was clicking on Invoice button for a Sales order I was getting the below error:

“Removal of suspension of recid allocation for SalesParmLine has failed”.

I tried to do full CIL, AOS restart, delete  *.auc files, but it didn’t resolve the issue. So, I went to Tools -> options -> Development tab under development workspace and then uncheck the ‘Execute business operation in CIL” checkbox. After doing this, I clicked on the Invoice button and then I got the below error in addition to the above error:

“RecordInsertList object not initialized”

Then I looked at the code I added as part of the hotfix and found that the object was infact not initialized. So, I corrected that error and then all went fine after that. The conclusion is, whenever you get this error this might not always be related to CIL generation, so turn off the option in development workspace which I mentioned and then run the scenario again to find out if there are any runtime error in your modified X++ code.