Not sure how many of you actually used the Issue search functionality in Microsoft Dynamics AX Lifecycle services. I recently used it to search an issue related to an SSRS report and found this really helpful. The tool searches for all the hotfixes released till date and then you can click on any of the hotfix to see the list of affected objects. The most useful part is that when you click on any object except SSRS report design, it will show you the exact X++ code changes made as part of the hotfix in a browser window. So without downloading the hotfix and running the impact analysis tool, you can determine what changes are being made as part of the hotfix and this will eventually save plenty of time doing the estimation for applying a hotfix in any AX environment.

Below is a sample screen shot of a DP class for Accrued purchases report showing in a browser window. The green highlighted code showing the additions and red one showing the deletion: