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New frameworks in AX 2012

New frameworks introduced in Dynamics AX 2012:

1) New report programming model framework.

2) Enhancement in workflow framework.

3) Source Document framework.

4) Distribution and Subledger Journal framework.

List of functional forms or setup stuff, that have been changed in AX from 2009 to 2012:
1.  Chart of Accounts. 2.  Currencies. 3.  Fiscal Calendars. … 4.  Workflow configuration form. 5.  Employees 6.  Positions – seems like most employee related tables. 7.  Category Hierarchy. 8.  Products. 9.  Polices (purchasing, expense, etc..) 10.  Number Sequences (optional). 11. Exchange Rates 12.  Account Structures 13.  Operating Units 14.  Org Hierarchy??  Not sure how to label this. 15.  Global Address Book.

Suppose you have a parm method in contract class ‘MyContractClass’ say ‘parmTestMethod’ and you have set the label for the field as shown below:


Now, you want to the change the label displayed on the report dialog for this field, based on the specific configuration key is enabled or not. Here is the way to do this:

Create a UIBuilder class extends from SRSReportDataContractUIBuilder, if one isn’t there and override the postBuild method. Write the following code in the postBuild method:

DialogField        dialogField;

MyContractClass    contract;


contract = this.dataContractObject();

dialogField = this.bindInfo().getDialogField(contract, methodstr(MyContractClass, parmTestMethod));

if (isConfigurationkeyEnabled(configurationKeyNum(ConfigKeyName)))  // Replace the config key name with the name which you want to use here.








AX 2012 Shortcut Keys

Following is the link where you can find the shortcut keys for AX 2012: